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  • James Monroe High School3

    Fredericksburg, VA | Fredericksburg City County

    August 4, 2014

    As a parent whose child attended JM for all 4 years I can say it is not a bad school. Class sizes are small and most of the teachers are invested in their students doing well. However, the main issues I found was the terrible administration, heavy presence of a Title 1 population and the fact that the school seems to almost encourage and do nothing about the heavy partying and alcohol/drug culture dominated by the wealthy white students who live in "downtown" Fredericksburg and the boys Football and Lacrosse teams both of which seem to be a haven for these types of activities.

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    May 14, 2014

    James Monroe was an excellent choice for my daughter, the availability of advance classes were tremendous. Great small community high school.

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    September 14, 2013

    JM Was a terrible school for me going from Prince William County to JM was like going backwards I felt like I was repeating a year of school and they say you need language classes to graduate and I kept getting taken out of spanish. MY freshmen year was fine I had great teachers my sophomore year not so much the students disrupted class there was one administrator who helped through the majority of that year but there was another that was always picking at me for missing school (which was for medical reason I guess he didn't really believe that) I had some great friends that helped me catch up but it wasn't enough for me to stay sorry everyone else is saying its great I just didn't have that great of an experience there!

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    October 31, 2011

    We decided to build a home in the Fredericksburg City school district specifically because of the quality of the city's school system. Class size was a key factor in our decison to send our children to James Monroe High School as was the over all size of the school--half or less of the surrounding suburban high schools. All three of our children have attended or graduated from JMHS and were recruited for college athletics and academic progams. With the beautiful facilities, advanced/AP courses, quality programs in the arts and highly competitive (multple state championships) athletic programs, James Monroe High School feels like a top notch private school. The testing rating depicts a large Title 1 population, not the quality of instruction.

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    August 9, 2011

    I came to JMHS last year. I transferred schools between freshman and sophomore year and I've never transferred or moved anywhere in my life. I was so scared and nervous but after the first day I took a tour of the beautiful school and saw everything it had to offer... I couldn't wait to start school! Of course the first couple days were rough, but I still began to love it. I came from Orange County High School, and seeing the difference was BREATH-TAKING. The academics, sports, and performing arts were/are phenomenal! Nothing's better than having a new built school with a GREAT football team. The teachers were so nice and very well educated, I learned the material and it actually STAYED in my head. Usually I just remember for ten minutes and I forget later. But my first year experience here was so wonderful, I've never had so much pride in my school. I love how diverse it is and well organized. There's so much options of how to get more involved like clubs and sports. I'm starting Junior year on my 16th birthday this year and nothing says happy birthday more than starting another year at my favorite school in the whole wide world. I'm so blessed to be at such a great school.

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    March 18, 2008

    We moved to Fredericksburg a little over a year ago from Stafford and I was a little apprehensive about leaving a quality school system. However, I soon discovered that we didn't leave anything, in fact we gained a tremendous educational opportunity for our children. Our children later applauded us on our decision to make the change and have become far more involved in extra-curricular activities than at the previous schools. The culture promotes independent thinking and encourages academic success while making you feel like you're truly part of an academic family.

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    March 6, 2006

    I attended and graduated from James Monroe High School and I must say that it is a great place for learning. The curriculum was extensive, offering various options for everyone. I would recommend that anyone living in this area, go to JM.

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    June 7, 2005

    James Monroe has the feel of an elite academic school in a very diverse small city environment. The scale of the school reflects manageable class size and a sense of safety and comfort that you would associate with a school of bygone days in a small community. Academically the school is unparalled throughout the area for advanced and AP opportunities as well as a thriving Honor Society. James Monroe enjoys a consistent reputation for sending graduates to top tier colleges and universities. Athletically, the school is a perennial power amongst schools with twice the student body size. James Monroe offers an abundance of extra-curricular opportunities that range from the arts to internship opportunities. This is a school for students desiring an aggressive academic and extra-curricular experience in a micro-urban environment.

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    December 24, 2004

    I went to Jayem for my senior year. The class sizes are fairly small compared to other high schools in the area. I loved going there. The atmosphere was great! The teachers were always really helpful. While the administration was strict, they were also extremely nice and knew most people by name.

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