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    Friday, May 10, 2013   /   by Alicia Angstadt



    Brightnest.com is a stunning and progressive website dedicated to making your home better. This site has literally hundreds of tips, how to’s, and reminders on how to keep your home like new. Have trouble remembering when to change your furnace filter? Keep telling yourself you need to de-clutter? Forget when to test your CO and smoke detectors? With Brightnest.com, not only can you learn how to do these things but you can actually schedule them. Once scheduled, Brightnest will send you an email reminder when it is time to take care of your home. Simply set up a free account with brightnest.com and you will have a custom dashboard that is unique to your home! It truly is an owners manual for your home.

    With vast information on topics from spring cleaning tips, to all kinds of
    household gadgets and recipes, I highly recommend checking it out!

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