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    Friday, April 20, 2012   /   by Alicia Angstadt


    Real estate attorneys are attorneys whose practices specialize in cases involving real estate transactions, land disputes and property claims. These attorneys assist buyers and sellers of real estate and property by answering the questions they have regarding the legal aspects of real estate transactions and by guiding them through the entire process of buying, selling or trading real property. Most Virginia real estate attorneys provide the entire spectrum of real estate legal services like counseling their clients, summarizing documents and discussing and finalizing the terms of the contracts or transactions.

    If you are planning to engage in a real estate transaction in Virginia, then besides consulting a knowledgable licensed real estate agent, you may seek a Virginia real estate attorney as well. Make sure they have expertise in all commercial and residential real estate transactions. Expertise is particularly required in matters related to the sale of property, financing and development, construction contracts and real estate property investments. Typically, experienced real estate attorneys in Virginia are well aware of their clients business concerns.

    Real estate attorneys seek both individuals and companies as their clients. Companies that wish to hire a real estate attorney have to be careful to ensure that the attorney is not only faithful to the business objectives, but is also a thorough professional who can represent the company in a respectful manner. Companies should also make sure that the real estate attorney they select has enough experience and adequate training in handling the kind of transaction that the company normally engages in.

    An experienced real estate attorney would prepare or review the contracts and make sure they are favoring their client. They would make sure a title search is conducted to ensure that no claims exist against the property being purchased. Such careful handling of cases is warranted to ensure that the deal is completed in a secure and hassle-free manner.

    If you are having difficulty finding a knowledgable real estate attorney, you can always ask for references from your real estate agent.