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    Thursday, April 12, 2012   /   by Alicia Angstadt

    S?ll ??ur h?m? ?n ? bu??r'? m?rk?t

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    On? ?f th? th?ng? th?t ??n m?k? ??ur h?m? ?t?nd ?ut fr?m th? ?r?wd ?nd dr?w bu??r? ?n ?? t? ?dd ??m? fr??b??? th?t ?r? n?t u?u?ll? ?n?lud?d w?th m??t h?m? ?ur?h????. Of ??ur??, ??u w?ll m??t l?k?l? thr?w ?n th? ???l??n??? f?r fr??, but ?u?t ?b?ut ?v?r?b?d? d??? th?t. H?w ?b?ut g??ng ?n? ?t?? furth?r ?nd ?ff?r?ng ? 1 ???r h?m? w?rr?nt?? Th??? w?rr?nt??? ?r? f?r l??? ?x??n??v? th?n m??t ????l? th?nk, ?nd th?? ??n r??ll? ?dd ? l?t ?f ??r???v?d v?lu? t? th? h?m?.

    Wh?n ?t ??m?? t? ??tt?ng th? ??l? ?r???, ?t ?? g?n?r?ll? n?t ? g??d ?d?? t? r?l? ?n ? r???nt ???r????l l?k? th??? d?n? b? th? b?nk f?r th? ?ur???? ?f r?f?n?n??ng ?r t?k?ng ?ut ? h?m? ?qu?t?. If ??u'r? w?rk?ng w?th ? g??d r??lt?r, th?? w?ll h?v? ? mu?h b?tt?r w?? t? ??t ?n ???ur?t? ?r???. Th?? w?ll t?k? ??m??r?bl?? fr?m ??tu?l h?m?? th?t h?v? r???ntl? ??ld ?n ??ur ?r?? ?nd ?v?r?g? th?m ?ut. Th?n th?? w?ll l?k?l? ?dv??? ??u t? ?r??? ??ur h?m? b?l?w th? ?v?r?g? ?nd t?k? ?t??? t? m?k? th? ?r???rt? b?tt?r th?n th? ?n?? th?t w?r? r???ntl? ??ld.

    On? ?f th? w??? ??u w?ll m?k? th? ?n??d? ?f th? h?m? ?t?nd ?ut ?? b? g?tt?ng r?d ?f th? ?lutt?r. Wh?n ??u l?v? ??m? ?l??? f?r ? l?ng t?m?, ??u t?nd t? ???umul?t? ? l?t ?f ?tuff. E?th?r th? r??lt?r ?r th? ?t?g?r w?ll l?k?l? t?ll ??u t? g?t r?d ?f m??t ?f th?t ?tuff ?nd ??th?r tu?k ?t ?w?? ?n ? ?l???t ?r r?nt ? ?t?r?g? l??k?r. Al?ng th??? ??m? l?n??, r?m?v? ?n? unn??????r? furn?tur? ?? ??u ??n m?k? th? h?m? ???m m?r? w?d? ???n ?nd r??m??r. Th?n l??t?n t? th? ?dv??? ?f ? ?r?f?????n?l ?t?g?r ?n h?w t? b??t ?rr?ng? th? r?m??n?ng furn??h?ng?.

    Wh?n ?t ??m?? t? ???n h?u??? ?nd ?r?v?t? ?h?w?ng?, th? b??t ???r???h ??n b? ?umm?d u? ?n thr?? w?rd?; d?n't b? th?r?! S?r??u?l?, th?? ?? ?n? ?f th? b?gg??t turn?ff? t? ??t?nt??l bu??r?-l??k?ng thr?ugh ? h?u?? w?th th? ??ll?r br??th?ng d?wn th??r n??k. Y?ur ?r???n?? m?k?? bu??r? un??mf?rt?bl?, ?nd ?? ? r??ult, th?? w?ll l?k?l? n?t h?v? ? g??d f??l?ng ?b?ut th? h?m?.

    F?n?ll?, und?r?t?nd?ng ??ur r????n? f?r ??ll?ng ?nd th? m??t ?m??rt?nt f??t?r? th?t g? ?nt? ??ur d??????n ?? ????nt??l. H???full?, ??u ?r? n?t ?n? ?f th??? "m?t?v?t?d" ?r "d????r?t?" ??ll?r?. If ??u ?r?, n?g?t??t??n? ?r?n't l?k?l? t? g? w?ll. Alw??? tr? t? n?g?t??t? fr?m ? ????t??n ?f ?tr?ngth. And ?b?v? ?ll ?l??, m?k? ?ur? ??u r?t??n th? ??rv???? ?f ? t?? r??lt?r wh? ?? ?l?? ? ?r?v?n n?g?t??t?r. H?v?ng ? r??l ??t?t? ?g?nt th?t kn?w? h?w t? n?g?t??t? w?ll ?n?ur? th?t ??u w?ll h?v? ? mu?h b?tt?r ?h?n?? t? g?t th? m??t ?ut ?f ??ur h?m? ??l?.