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    Monday, May 20, 2013   /   by Alicia Angstadt


    Fundamentals learned at an early age stick with kids as they grow older. It’s a little thing that I like to call muscle memory. You have to practice fundamentals on a daily basis. Then when you play a game, each player will know how to handle every situation. Good habits learned in practice will carry over to the games. I always tell my kids “You practice like you play!” You have to praise a kid when he does something good in practice or a game. And when he does something wrong, you calmly explain what he did wrong and then explain what he should have done. I call it the “sandwich technique”. Positive, negative, Positive. Just standing there yelling at him does no good. You have to teach kids the game, praise them, and explain how to avoid the mistake they may have just made. A relaxed player who is having fun is more likely to succeed.

    So to coach kids playing baseball you have to let them have fun, teach them the fundamentals and teach them to play the game the right way. Of course you play to win, but the primary focus should not be about wins and losses. Promote the positive and the kids will be successful. How you play the game as a kid determines your success. Being a positive role model is more important than winning games.

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