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    Wednesday, February 4, 2015   /   by Heather Smith

    We Love Your Pets, But Some Buyers Won't!

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    When we have pets, they quickly become a part of our family.  But when it comes to selling your home, potential buyers may not be impressed by the presence of your four-legged family member.  Whether it’s due to allergies or a simple case of not being a lover of animals, many buyers shy away from a home with pets.  The good news is that there are strategies you can employ to sell your house without a ruff time.
    A Foolproof Solution
    If you worry about potential home buyers being scared off by the presence of your pet, find an alternate location for them while you are showing the home.  Perhaps a neighbor, family member or friend could watch your pet for a few hours.  Otherwise, consider boarding your pet temporarily.  Without the discomfort of an unfamiliar a ...

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    Thursday, May 15, 2014   /   by Julie Weems

    Be proactive when it comes to the safety of your home and family!!

    All too often homeowners are reactive when it comes to home security: they install a home security system after their home has been invaded. It is important to be proactive. Protect your family, home and property by installing an alarm system today!
    In 2012...        
    There were an estimated 2,103,787 burglaries and 354,520 robberies.

    That's one burglary every 15 seconds and one robbery every 1.5 minutes.
    Around 60% of burglars used forcible entry to gain access to a home. More than 30% of burglars entered residences through an unlocked door, window and other opening without force.
    Typically, burglars spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a home. The more difficult it is to gain access, the more likely a burglar is to reconsider the attack.

    Most convicted burglars (90%) said they want to avoid homes with alarm systems and said if they did encounter an alarm, they would abandon the attack on the home. ...

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